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This coaching program is life-changing!

"I joined the Smart Bliss Love coaching program because I wanted to consciously date, not be afraid, and not be stuck in stories about dating and relationships. Carmens Loh helped me to work on attachment issues, self-love, and clear way more garbage than I knew I had.

Before this coaching program, I wondered, “Can I even have a soulmate?”

Now I know soulmate love is possible. Now I say yes to dating. My desires now are to meet men I want to meet and have a pleasurable time with them. I am not afraid to go on dates. I am confident I can communicate with myself, have fun and enjoy myself in dating. This is because I am now committed to presence and intimacy with self-love. I am ready for a new way of being. I am transformed! Smart Bliss Love program is life-changing!"


Breakthroughs and the confidence to love again!

"Thanks to Carmens for her wisdom and patience in bringing clarity to my confusion. Her sense of humor and credibility made me feel safe to relax and freely share my relationship issue. Self-discovery helped me to dig out my inner problems. Then I reconciled a part of who I really am and did not reject it. The program more than meets the eye. My 1st breakthrough was realizing that I should not be a people-pleaser as it hindered my relationships as I burned out quickly. My 2nd breakthrough was when I gave unconditional love, I actually gained something. This makes me fearless to give love now. My 3rd breakthrough was I re-connected with my real original self. I am happy and also attract the right people into my life, not sickly people with issues. After the program, I can differentiate what comes from the mind and the heart distinctively, and thus make the right decisions. All these mean I will not miss out on the best person for me. I am confident in relationships again."


Hope in dating and finding desired relationship

"I definitely want to thank Carmens. You have given me much hope in dating and finding somebody I want to be with. Before I started working with you. I had zero hope of finding anybody. I can now see a path toward that desired relationship through working with you. I definitely recommend working with Carmens."


See what my readers said about my bestselling book Open Up To Love.

Impactful & courageous sharing

"Carmens makes a powerful impression with her courage to address lesser-discussed feminine issues - this book is the passionate culmination of her efforts. She has taken her research into psychological astrology and many other sources, and has applied it admirably into this impactful sharing. Any woman who has ever doubted her self-worth will find resonance here."

May Sim, Psychological Astrologer, Founder of Selfstrology Academy

Liberating self-discovery

"Open Up To Love is a liberating self-discovery journey. Carmens provides excellent insights into relationship issues and many anecdotes for an enjoyable read."

Xavier Woon, Adjunct Lecturer, and Speaker

Very inspirational & authentic

"Carmens' book is very inspirational - deep value to empower women to love themselves first and become emotionally free. A profound book with great authenticity and stories. It gives insights on relationship and self-worth issues from psychological and spiritual aspects. Very remarkable."

Stella Hoh, Business Mentor and Strategist of Real Wealth Creation Global

Self-empowerment & humor

"Interesting and insightful read on self-empowerment, honest with a touch of humor."

Ying Ying, Dance Teacher, Bellydance Extraordinaire

Eye-opening glimpse

"I wanted to know what women think when it comes to love and Carmens' book didn't disappoint. I feel I got a glimpse from a woman's perspective and it was definitely 'eye-opening.' ... I'll likely read this over again as it has a few "nuggets" that even us men can glean..."

Jay Falcone

Learned what I didn't know

"This book was so interesting. I liked the quotes, the stories, the information. I thought I'd just read for an hour and then come back another day but ended up spending several hours with it. Very valuable. Learned things I didn't know... I am suggesting we all read it and have a Zoom call to discuss. So glad I got this."

Olivia Whiteman

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